Where are the events held?

On the site of your choice.  We will come to you.  We can also help arrange a venue should you require it.

What equipment do I need?

Tables and chairs and access to a sink.  For some of the team building events a laptop and projector is also required.

Why choose a food based event?

Food is universal pleasure. It allows people to relate to each other no matter what position they hold.  There is something intrinsic to human nature to enjoy food and this can allow people to relax more fully even within a work or social context. 

What about people with allergies or pregnant?

We can easily cater for this and will supply suitable alternatives

How many people do we need?

We recommend a minimum of 8 people for team building and 6 for personal tastings.  However we can also cater for up to 150.

What is included?

All cheese, food and beverages and agreed.  All equipment and host.

What it isn’t included?

Travel outside Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.  Travel is charged at 30p a mile.

Do you provide Training for catering staff?

Yes, we provide training on fine cheese which will develop knowledge and understanding for your staff. Our facilitators hold Diplomas in Cheese, accredited by the Guild of Fine Food and can offer expert knowledge in the world of cheese.