Private Cheese Tastings

Try an original party idea - a private cheese tasting!

Private cheese tasting Surrey Sussex Hampshire

Flavour private cheese tastings are a fun and sophisticated way of learning more about cheese and fine food.  They are an excellent and novel idea for a party, hen-do or special gift.  We cover the whole of the South of England including London, Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire.

Designed to be stimulating and inclusive, a private tasting makes a special event.  Starting from £20 per person with a minimum group size of 8.  We come to the venue of your choice.  Some of our popular themes are below but any tasting can be tailored to suit your tastes! 

To enquire about a private cheese tasting please contact us.

What's included?

Hear from one of our customers.

  • 6-10 generous portions of cheese
  • Bread and Crackers
  • Chutneys and fruit
  • Red and white wine (excluded if not required)
  • A cheese expert for 2hrs
  • Personal Tasting notes

Popular themes:

British Cheese Tasting

A unique exploration of the UK’s best cheeses, this party idea promises to surprise and delight! No previous cheese knowledge is required only a love of cheese!  We show you how to taste cheese like a pro and guide you through a selection of different styles from around the UK.  We will bring along some hard-to-find artisan cheeses that will make the event very special!  

Six Nations 

Have you ever noticed how the some of the best cheese producing countries also play some of the best rugby?  This event will guide you through amazing cheeses from England, Scotland, Wales, France, Ireland and Italy.  Delicious creamy bries, crumbly farmhouses and delicious blues will all be part of our culinary tour through the 6 nations. 

England vs France

We put different styles of cheese from France and England head to head and let you decide which one is best!  From Bries to Blues this is a really informative and engaging event where you can compare some of the best cheeses in the world!

Cheese and Wine Tasting­

A marriage of two amazing delicacies. Many people often associate cheese with port or red wine.  This event shows you how to pair a variety of different wines to cheeses of different styles with some surprises along the way!  Learn how to pair cheese and wine like a pro and decide for yourself which combinations you prefer.  You will try at least 6 cheeses and wines and decide for yourself which wines pair best with them.

Cheese Connoisseur's British Cheese Tasting Party

This is a truly amazing gift for a cheese connoisseur who wants to learn more about British Cheeses.  The event starts with a glass of bubbly and a hand-made canapé using one of the UK's delicate fresh cheeses.  Then over the course of 2 hours you are guided by an expert through at least 8 artisan British cheeses that are not found in a supermarket.  The Flavour expert will tell you about how the cheese is made, what to look for and the background behind the people that make the cheese.  This is all accompanied with breads, condiments and matching wines. There will be an opportunity to ask questions and the evening is very interactive.

There will be a demonstration on how to cut and wrap cheese well and even a mini quiz to test your cheese knowledge!  Prices start from £40 pp.

Cheese & Chocolate

Can’t decide between dessert and cheese after a meal?  This would be a great alternative option.  Not only do we taste some fantastic cheeses, we also sample some delectable chocolate from around the world.

To enquire about a private cheese tasting please contact us.